Violent Vapor


Ford seems to have easily surpassed ’03-’04 Terminator production with the modern GT-500’s by a long shot these days. And as many Mustang watchers know… the ’03-’04 Terminators are somewhat sought after as being a great foundation for a very reliable and fun car when the right level mods are preformed to them.

With the 2007+ GT-500’s entering the “pre-owned” Mustang arena these days, this Vapor Grey 2008 GT-500 is a shining example of what is on its way to becoming somewhat of a sign of the current days and what the future will hold for these cars when taken to some higher levels with bolt-ons and beyond.

As some might know, there are  several  Twin-Screw  upgraded  blowers now available for the 2007+ GT-500’s. For our shop, the most common and cost effective blower has been the Whipple 2.9L unit.

This customers 2008 Shelby GT-500 has gone a couple of notches up from the popular 2.9L Whipple and exhaust. This featured Vapor Grey GT-500 is now equipped with a upgraded short block with heavy duty forged connecting rods and custom Diamond pistons with a compression bump from 8.5:1 to 9.25:1.

Also, the stock cams have been replaced with a rather mild, but effective Crower cam set that has a notable rump at an idle and substantial power gains over 3000rpms. With only 17psi of boost, this Shelby produces over 730 rwhp on 93 octane.

If traction isn’t a problem, cars of this nature will go well into the 10 second ¼ mile category and will have some big top speeds as long as the rear gear isn’t too short.

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