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We have secured October 28th for our annual Ubly Track Day, due to having a rain out on the 14th. Please try to join us!!

We have secured October 28th for our annual Ubly Track Day, due to having a rain out on the 14th. Please try to join us!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Andrew Hook

Dominic Ciaramitaro Nathan Heyza Jim Rubrich

Ya will be there! Since your paying my way in and buying lunch! Lol! Hope the weather is good like this Saturday!😎🏁

Can anyone race? If so how much??

Erik Thomas McAuliffe

Gary Bowman

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Ubly is officially called off. Watching tomorrow, but not looking so good for Sunday either.

Join us next weekend @ Milan for NO ET.
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Well, its not looking good for racing today.

Well, it's not looking good for racing today. ... See MoreSee Less

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Next weekend?

We will be at Milan for No ET

question why ubly over lapeer? never been to either. ones just much closer.

We re racing in Ohio...get on the road!

Lid, quit trying to back out just because you don't want to get beat by my LS car!! Put those rain tires on!!

Last night was stellar.

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Sunday October 15th 2017 will be our rain day.

Sunday October 15th 2017 will be our rain day. ... See MoreSee Less

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Carl Poggiolo

Hopefully no rain on Sunday but the forecast doesn't look good as of right now.


Ryan Hartsuck Sunday?

Wait.... A gathering of people and mustangs.... Living dangerously i see

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1 month ago

Alternative Auto Performance
Photos from Alternative Auto Performance's post

Photos from Alternative Auto Performance's post
This past weekend (9-10-2017) our shop Hellcat Challenger finally saw some sub 70* temps, and also improved traction by intalling a overall taller Drag-radial (29in) mounted on some 18in wheels. We've also upped the rear gear from the stock 2.62 and installed the popular 3.09 ratio.

This all paid off with a very best of 9.77 @ just over 140mph, and numerous 9.80s all day at Ubly Dragway.
The DA was just under 700ft most of the afternoon with sixty foots in the 1.44 range.

A quick recap on the short list of mods:
9.5% overdrive damper,
3.1in upper pulley (about15.5psi boost),
Off-road mid pipe,
3.09 gears,
e85 fuel, 130# injectors,
1-peice DriveShaft, all WOT sifting at 7k RPM,
All Custom tuning for PCM & TCM performed by Lidio Iacobelli using HP-tuners with totally stock AirBox unit, and stock fuel pump and sytem, with a BAP unit added to pump,
305 / 45 / 18in DR's
Full weight Challenger Hellcat, Zero weight reduction!

This car will go 9.6's and possibly quicker at well over 141+MPH later this fall when the air gets even colder, and we hope to continue to see good 60 foots out of it at local 1/4 mile tracks.

And a reminder, we want to make sure that people take note that our Hellcat has been shifting and trapping at 6900+RPM all Spring & Summer for the 2017 season.

The addition of the 3.09 grear are now causing it to trap in 5th at only about 6700rpm, whereas the 2.62s were traping in 4th at over 7100rpm

When watching the in car and out-of-car videos, listen to all the WOT shifting, there is no sliding thru gears on this 8-speed, and just quick and positive WOT shifts all the way to 5th.
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Rob Ortosky Michael Wilson Mike Brandow

Dave Seilicki

Thing sounds great!! Was on a hella run

Got damn!!! These are unbelievable numbers Lid! No surprise man. You're the doctor.

Steven Rankel

Gary Jacob

Mike Litton

Nice job

To clarify, you shift your motor higher than 4,800rpm without catastrophic engine failure? A shoe salesman told me he read on the internet; that's impossible. Asking for a friend. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I compliment your full disclosure.

My gosh , that's demon run times right there .

Russell Edzards

Brian Lee It's a smoking Hellcat

Michael Wallis

Just saying,getting the most out of least BUCKS.🙂🙂🙂

Eldin Machiavelli

Jenny Mclain

Chuck Dick, when you finally get yours, here's the guy that you want to tune it. 😎

SRT Hellcat & Demon Group

Nice work guys!

Dylan Thibodeau Justin Smith Joe Doktor Andrew Dominek


Liking tazer tool I bet

Carlan Flatt

Glad to see Lidios finally playing with some mopars

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Ubly Day is Saturday, October 14th this year. Racing starts at noon. Mark your calendars and plan to join us. ... See MoreSee Less

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Andrew Hook

Have never is it at Mylan raceway

Is this open to anyone to race? What is entry fee?

Anthony Bronzovich, whatcha think?

Lidio I'm really going to try and make it. We wouldn't be there until between 3 and 4 if we make it though.

Dang, can't go - it's packet pickup day for the Detroit Free Press Marathon and Half Marathon. It's still racin', just not with cars.

Raul Oliva

Kevin Paulus

Better tune up the yellow coupe Lid, I'm coming for you!!

this is Ted 2015 Hellcat can you call me want to discuss what is going on with car right now not a problem

Scott Eric

Weather is saying 90% rain at Ubly ?

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The shop Hellcat Challenger has dipped into the nines with a 9.99 at 139.4 mph. With the only change (since its 10.05et) was better and less humid air on our last visit to Milan dragway.

As a quick recap this is with; 9.5% lower pulley, 3.1" upper (just under 16psi boost), e85 fuel, 20in drag radials, stock fuel system with BAP unit and 100# injectors, off-road mid pipes, rolling on a complete and full weight Hellcat challenger.​

We will be attending the Modern Hemi Shoot Out on Thursday August 17th at Milan Dragway. We look forward to having some fun with the car at this event, and showing off how well our Hellcat has responded to a modest and small list of mods on common and relatable 20in tires.

Hope to see you there
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Tomas Zapata

Allen Wilson

Peter Skalba

Great Job Alternative Auto!!

Bad ass!! Congrats Lidio!!

Nice job Lidio


Tomo Mucic

William Baker

Tommy McNeil Dennis McNeil

Wow! Might have to go and see in person.

Nice work Lid!

What do you think this setup would trap with 93 octane fuel?

Chuck Dick, Doug Schafer- I had a feeling with the correct minor tweaks the Hellcats have 9.99's in them. These guys know what they're doing. They can fine tune my ride anytime.

big rains expected for Thursday...


Good job Lidio..we all knew it would be soon!

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With nearly 90 degree heat, and a DA of over 2600ft… our shop Challenger Hellcat pulled off a 10.05et @ over 139mph. This was accomplished with a “soft launch” to get the 20in Drag Radials to Dig-in initially with track the conditions we had.

As most would assume; this is a guaranteed high 9 second car with only better & cooler weather conditions.

Our Hellcat has finally received a slightly smaller than stock upper blower pulley from Metco Motorsports which is now at 3.1”. This has pushed ours from 13psi of boost to about 15-16psi. We were hoping to pick up much more MPH & ET from the approximate 2-3psi gain in boost. But, all we did for now was chase the hotter midsummer outside temps and poor DA then previous runs a few weeks ago. And yet still picked up some ET and MPH considering the choking heat and humidity we fought on test day at Milan Dragway.

We are now making available our e85 combo for the Hellcat’s. It consists of;
- 100# injectors
- Kenne Bell boosta-pump
- JBA mid pipe (off road) with resonators (keeps it sounding near stock)
- 180* T-stat
- Innovators West 9.5% damper (pinned), combined with Metco 3.1” upper pulley (15-16psi boost)
- matching 10-rib blower belt
- PCM unlock
- Complete custom tune (8-speed unlock & tuning included) and Dyno results. (about 825-835rwhp).

This is as far as Alternative Auto has decided to go on with e85 fuels when using only single stock in-tank fuel pump Hellcats are equipped with. By revving them higher and shifting them higher (then most other tunes), we’ve achieved equal or better results then most others that are using higher boost combinations. Our inlet temps are manageable at this boost level, and we’re not running out of fuel, and not totally maxing out the stock fuel pump at this power level on e85 fuels.

This complete turnkey e85 Hellcat package and install at Alternative Auto Performance will cost $4995.00
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Nice! Wish I had $60k to buy new race car. But all I'm stuck with is a 27 year old fox that I can't get tuned

This is really impressive! Well done as usual Lid. Always a quality product at Alternative!

Rob Bot Devon Hill Carl Cataline

Lidio, how does the conversion change the overall daily street drivability of the car?

Mike Brandow Michael Wilson

Brett Lemenager

Lid have you played with the Scat Pack with Auto?

Nice work boys. 👍🏿


Another nice job Lidio

John Raymond

Sumit Goyal

3.1 don't give 2-3 lbs boost.. It's between 1-2 lb boost.. Tom Drago so your boost would be close to 14.7 or 15.. It all depends on altitude etc.. Tom drago

I've run 10.3 on similar convo with just 93 on street tune.. Pls no TCM tuning

Need to see manifold pressure in the log as it will tell the boost.

Chris Fuelling


Your's sounds way better than this...

James Compton

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Lots of Alternative Auto coyotes @ NoET this weekend. Had a great time! ... See MoreSee Less

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Sounded like it banged the 1-2 shift..

Michael Cicerella

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Just another day at 7K
- Connecting rods ✔️
- Valve train ✔️
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Crazy how fast those cars are!!!!

Glorious sounding! Been waiting for someone to post a run with the new limit. What's it putting down and what was the time?

Alan Caster

Dre Saul

Lidio.... Putting in work like a Boss!! 💪

What was the eta?

Matt Holden Bobby Parker

Mike Brandow Rob Ortosky Michael Wilson

Jeff Jacobs

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