Mach1 Make Over


Alternative Auto is not known for tampering with the older classic Mustangs from the 1960’s and early 70’s, but we actually will perform some modern power-train updates like we’ve done to this immaculate 1970 Mach-1.

It is now equipped with a modern AOD-e four speed automatic transmission. This makes the big 3.90 rear gears much tamer at highway speeds when she’s clicked into overdrive gear.

The foundation under the hood is a very up-to-date small block, that isn’t so small! It is centered around FRP’s BOSS-351w BigBore cylinder block, and stuffed with a big Scat Stroker crank and custom Diamond pistons. This Windsor based motor is now 460 cubic inches! Topped off with a pair Fox Lake prepared TFS high-port heads, and a very big hydraulic roller camshaft. The compression is 13 to 1.

With a 950cfm “quick fuel” carburetor, and dyno-ing through the automatic trans, this classic Mach-1 puts out just over 500 RWHP. The 13 to 1 compression is easily suppressed by the full e85 conversion performed on this classic. Although carbureted at this time. It is scheduled for a FAST XFi fuel injection conversion in late 2013.

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