Ford GT Performance


Performance package for the ford gt adds 100+ rwhp and rwtq

After some base line pulls and tweaking of a stock Ford GT super car, we moved on to installing additional parts in a package that we will begin offering for the Ford GT’s in early 2007.

This bolt-on package for the Ford GT will be all the average GT Super car owner will need to do. By bolting on a new front blower snout to allow for a smaller diameter pulley, replace the throttle body with a larger twin bore unit and installing an insert that will keep the stock throttle body feed tube from sucking shut – we found some big gains at the rear wheels on the super car.

The new pulley and snout combined with the big T/B upped the boost from the stock 12 psi to 17 psi. This makes a stock GT go from about 530 RWHP and 477 RWTQ up to a earth rotating 645 RWHP and 596 RWTQ!

The tune we offer for this package was developed in-house using SCT tuning software, and makes the GT run, respond, idle and drive totally stock even after a 100+ gain both in HP and TQ at the rear wheels. But as soon as the pedal goes WOT, (as early as 1100 RPM in gear) it just comes to life without any hick-ups or hesitations. This package on the GT makes over 500 FT pounds of TQ by 2500 rpm – try that with a turbo charger!

Our package increases the power with a very safe tune with 93 octane fuel and can be adjusted for 91 octane if needed.

For those that are looking for even more TQ and HP, Alternative Auto will be offering and installing the new 3.3L Whipple for the Ford GT in early 2007. This large and efficient replacement blower for the GT will push the power with 93 Octane to around 750+ at the rear wheels with about 18 – 19 psi of boost.

Call for Pricing and installation.