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In this area we will be showing off customer cars that have been to our facilities for services of some sort performed by us here at Alternative Auto. This section consists of previous customer cars as well as current ones. We will pick a cool car every few weeks and spotlight it here! So check back often to see a new customer car!

We work with and service many vehicles every week. These are just a few that have earned a place in the spotlight.  We will make sure we change this up regularly.


Survival of the fittest is all we can say if you’re around this clean Twin Turbocharged 5.3L Terminator.

2010 SHELBY GT-500 755 HP

This customers 2010 Shelby GT-500 may appear mostly stock on the outside, but one look under the hood, and a quarter mile time slip reveals a very different and extremely powerful combo lurks in the engine bay.

2005 GT 5.0 3V STROKER

This beautiful black 2005 Mustang GT has a hygienic & sleeperish appearance to it. With its clean lines and subtle exterior changes you might not guess what is sitting under the hood.

2010 SHELBY GT-500

For 2010 the Shelby GT-500’s came with a 40hp bump up over the 2007 thru 2009’s. And as tasty as 540hp at the Flywheels sounds in stock form…. It’s not nearly as mouth watering as 652hp at the rear wheels, along with a very broad torque range starting from 1500 all the way to limiter at 6800. With 616ft lbs of torque at the rear wheels, combined with the now larger 3.73 gears in the axle – this car gains speeds and accelerates extremely quick in any gear.

660 HP LX

To some this might seem like an old school car and powertrain these days, but there is nothing wrong with an old school ass beating either! This clean Fox-Body LX will hand out the beatings like none other on the streets of Michigan’s South east side of the state. With 660hp at the rear wheels, and the nimble light weightness of an LX, your only hope of survival if you role up next to this one is to simply bow down.


Our next spot light car is a great looking 2007 GT rag top car. This customer asked us to build him a totally streetable, fully dressed late model Mustang with a 5-speed automatic that would run deep into the 11’s or high 10’s in the ¼ mile by leaving it in “Drive”.


This great looking GT-500 has more then good looks to make it stand out in a crowd.


This beautiful and clean 2005 Saleen has the looks and performance to match all in one neatly done convertible package.


This ‘92 Wild Strawberry Metallic LX is another fine example of a clean, well done Fox body. Sporting big 18” Bullitt style wheels all around, and a Mickey Thompson 315/18” Drag radial neatly tucked into the stock inner rear wheel well and fender openings. Aside from the special edition wing, the rest of the exterior is stock appearing. The interior is all stock too.


For this time around we decided it was time to spotlight another well done Ford/Mercury — rather then a Mustang.

’05 GT

Our latest customer car is a NY based 2005 GT that has gone through some major changes — both in appearance, and with the entire power train. We were commissioned to perform a major upgrade to the motor, trans, exhaust and engine management.


Alternative auto was giving the privilege of being able to perform the type of work we’re best known for; clean, organized and full street-ability to this super clean and low mileage, all original ’88 Saleen.


This customer spotlight Mystic Chrome ‘04 Cobra is one of the most powerful Terminators and late model Mustangs in general that we’ve been involved in.

2004 MACH-1

This customers orange 2004 Mach-1 shows a simple, clean appearing exterior and under hood area, but inside all this simple appearance it sports a 4.6L that’s now stroked to a 5.0L and uses Alternative auto CNC ported 32V heads.


A 1996 Mustang GTS with a 4.6L aluminum block stroked to a 5.0L…