Big Whipple Upgrade


BIG whipple upgrade for shelby gt-500

For those looking to step up their GT-500 to upwards of 650 to 680 rwhp. Alternative Auto is installing and tuning the new 2.9L Whipple twin-screw upgraded blower unit in place of the Factory Eaton onto the 5.4L 32V Shelby motors.

The new 2.9L Whipple fits neatly under the stock hood, and can support upwards of 18+psi of boost on the stock 5.4L 32V stock engine in the Shelby’s.

We will be offering the 2.9 Whipple in two levels of boost – 14.5 and 16.5.(and potentially higher in the future) Both set-ups get 60’bs injectors and a unique “dual” Fuel-Pump-Voltage enhancer/amplifier to ensure that the stock in-tank fuel pumps are getting a true 14.5+ volts, and truly up to their potential to better support the near two hundred additional horsepower upgrade from the Whipple 2.9L blower.

It is strongly recommended that Shelby’s that are considering this Whipple upgrade already have, or also purchase our recommend air-box & Exhaust upgrades to maximize what the Whipple can do for the GT-500 cars. At this time we do not need or recommend replacing the stock throttle body with the Whipple blower upgrade at the levels of boost and horse power we’re recommending. It’s just not necessary, the stock TB will support plenty of power and airflow with out any idle or drivability problems to worry about.

These Whipple upgrades make amazing power from just off idle all the way to nearly 7000 rpms. With our installation and tuning, they continue to have factory like manors and drivability, but a very serious change in power and TQ when requested from the driver and his right foot.

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