99 04 Mustang GT Starter Package


’99 – 04 Mustang GT Starter Package

The 260 HP 4.6L 2-valve in the ’99-04 GT’s was at one time considered good power from an OEM standpoint. However, everyone knows that mom and dads sedan can be purchased with over 300 HP these days. This puts the Mustang at a serious disadvantage when pulling up to a stop light next to Mrs. Smith. Alternative Auto has cost effect ways to help the P.I. (Performance Improved) cylinder head equipped ’99+ Mustangs make sure that it gets to the grocery store first.

This starter package can add as much as 30-45 HP when used with 93 octane and the components listed below…

-BBK X-pipe with hi-flow cat’s, and complete cat-back FlowMaster or Magnaflow system with decorative stainless tips

-Cold-Air box kit with all necessary install

-Add on option: 3.73 or 4.10 gears

-Complete custom Dyno tune using SCT software and hardware. Usually a chip for all 2004 and older Ford vehicles

You automatic transmission equipped Mustang GT guys stand to gain the most with this combo of bolt-ons when combined with our in house custom tuning.

Our tuning corrects a number of factory shifting defects, and unleashes a serious amount of performance and drivability, especially with our Torque converter lock-up revisions. On the automatics, we strongly recommend our 93 octane tune and 4.10 gears in the rear axle. Just these two mods alone can knock off as much as half a second or more in the ¼ mile. The tune greatly enhances all around acceleration and feel.

Please call the shop for more information and pricing.