88 Saleen



It’s getting harder & harder these days to come across a really clean, low mileage fox body Mustang. As time prevails, a lot of the more popular Fox body Mustangs are near and over twenty years old now.

Alternative auto was giving the privilege of being able to perform the type of work we’re best known for; clean, organized and full street-ability to this super clean and low mileage, all original ’88 Saleen.

Currently owned by the guy who bought it new back in ’88, this gem has only 9200 miles on the clicker! Obviously driven sparingly, and very well preserved for the past twenty years. When this ’88 Saleen first came to us in the fall of 2007, to our complete and utter surprise it was completely stock, with the exception of a cold air filter box. Literally every thing else was left alone from birth.

Alternative Auto was asked to try to (with out a blower for now) squeeze about another 100 horse power from the now dated & weak (by today’s standards) original 225 HP rated 5.0L that it came with stock. And also perform other suspension and power train upgrades too.

Leaving the stock short block alone, we added AFR 165 cylinder heads, a mild crower cam, roller rockers, GT-40 intake (we know its old school), but still looks tough in our opining (owner supplied it), BBK headers and H-pipe and a complete Flo-Master cat back system. We also installed a rectangular stainless exhaust tip to better match the Saleen exhaust cut outs in the rear fascia.

The 8.8 axle was also fitted with a 3.73 gear set, and an Eaton posi.

Shocks, Struts, springs and rear control arms were also updated with various after market components too.

In the end this ’88 Saleen with the “top-half” engine combo it got – end up with just a touch under 300 RWHP, making it no less then about 335 at the flywheel.

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