660HP LX


660 HP LX

To some this might seem like an old school car and power-train these days, but there is nothing wrong with an old school ass beating either! This clean Fox-Body LX will hand out the beatings like none other on the streets of Michigan’s South east side of the state. With 660hp at the rear wheels, and the nimble light weightiness of an LX, your only hope of survival if you role up next to this one is to simply bow down.

This LX is equipped with one of my favorite small block Fords. It is a Ford Racing Parts; BOSS 302 block that has been “Big Bored” and “Stroked” to produce a beautifully packaged and powerful 366 cubic inch monster — all housed within the very parts compatible & friendly 8.200” 302 based deck height. The cylinder heads are TFS Twisted wedge and the cam is an off the shelf CompCam hydraulic roller with stock lifters.

Compression is not a wimpy 8:5 to 1 or lower like most lost in the 1980’s era would do with boost. It’s a healthy 10.25 to 1. The S-trim Vortech forces 13.5 psi of boost into it. With 93 octane combined with an “Alky Control” meth injection system – this compression and boost combined with the added octane of the Alky kit produced 660rwhp, and 651rwtq all in by 5800rpms… And with a very safe A/F and ignition timing curve. Over 400 foot pounds of torque at the rear wheels is on tap before this thing even gets to 2800rpms! Making for a very fun and usable torque curve from 2500 to 6000rpm on the street.

The axle uses a 3.73 gear and Eaton posi. Trans is a 6-speed manual.

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