5 The Cost Of Going Straight …axle!

The Cost of Going “Straight”…axle!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Old Cobra IRS...

Alternative Auto’s 8.8” straight axle conversions for the ’99 through ’04 Mustang Cobra’s are quite common. Even though the IRS for the ’99 through ’04 Cobra’s can be improved on, it’s still not as tough over all in a drag environment as a true straight axle with the correct components installed into, and outside of it.

Unlike most who will just get an 8.8 axle assembly from a used  or junked GT, we purchase new 8.8 housings from Ford, and then build them up from scratch. We use some of the best modern available parts on them internally. The way we build them up, they can easily sustain 750 to 800rwhp, with very normal street manners because we don’t use a spool.

All the components we use and supply are new. The main housing unit itself is sent out for a clean and uniform black satin powder coating. Internally, we use brand new modern Eaton posi units that have already withstood the test of time for us in many applications — And have now established a reputation for staying very tight over time, and able to handle lots of power & TQ.

The axle shafts are Moser 31 spline units with heavy duty shafts and stronger hub flanges too.

All the bearings, races, and seals in the unit are brand new. We even install an aluminum rear girdle cover for even greater strength and rigidity.

On the outside we use heavy duty Steeda lower and upper control arms, and good replacement shocks. We also use stock or slightly softer rate rear coil springs.

The part that can make things start to get pricey is that this conversion requires two new ABS sensors, and a few other components that allow us to correctly re-use the larger rear Cobra disc brake rotor. All of these components are purchased new by us when performing these conversions. We are also able to re-install the stock parking brake cables.

This combo of parts on our 8.8 conversion makes for a very neat and clean set up, that is very street-able and has proven to withstand some pretty serious power over time. We are confident that these parts and procedures work due to the countless conversions we already performed.

Why our 8.8 straight axle conversion for the Cobra’s are more expensive, but worth every penny!!!

Old Cobra IRS...