25 Chips, Flash Devices, And Custom Tuning

Chips, Flash Devices, and Custom Tuning

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

At Alternative Auto we develop custom performance tunes that are based on our vast experience and knowledge of how to make impressive amounts of power while retaining stock-like drivability. It is our experience, philosophies and methods that elevate us to a level much higher than other tuners.

There are many other companies that sell calibrator or flash devices like the Xcalibrator3 and custom burned chips. We want to make it clear that when it comes to these devices, it’s important to remember “It’s What’s Inside that Counts”. Even though we (tuners) may all be using the same type of software and even the same type of flashing devices with access to the same parameters, it’s how well thought out the tune and calibration is on the inside that counts. Even though some competitors offer similar devices, sometimes at a lower cost, they can not equal our experience and knowledge of how to make Ford vehicles perform and maintain stock-like drivability and reliability.

Many mail order tuners in the country who sell tunes only offer a very limited program that simply raises or remove rev limiters, speed limiters and adds a global degree or two of timing. We take the time to sort out much more then the basics. Especially on modern Fords with the automatic electronically controlled transmissions with lock-up torque converters. We unlock a substantial amount of improved drivability on today’s Automatic Fords because of how we reconfigure torque converter lock-up and torque reduction during up-shift. We provide a complete tune with many additional changes such as turning electric fans on earlier, recalibrating speedos for gear and tire changes, turn off “Check-Engine” lights from exhaust and other performance enhancing changes, make the fly-by-wire throttle respond better, etc…

So be educated, “Its what’s inside” that really counts these days when it comes to custom tunes installed in hand held tuner devices or custom chips and no one does it better than Alternative Auto Performance.

It’s what’s inside that counts!