2010 Shelby GT 500


2010 SHELBY GT-500

For 2010 the Shelby GT-500’s came with a 40hp bump up over the 2007 thru 2009’s. And as tasty as 540hp at the Flywheels sounds in stock form…. It’s not nearly as mouth watering as 652hp at the rear wheels, along with a very broad torque range starting from 1500 all the way to limiter at 6800. With 616ft lbs of torque at the rear wheels, combined with the now larger 3.73 gears in the axle – this car gains speeds and accelerates extremely quick in any gear. As the pictures show, the big power production parts responsible for the big gains in this GT-500 is a 16psi of boost from a 2.9L Whipple and a pair of Kooks long tubes with a matching X-pipe equipped with HiFlo catalytic converters. The rest of the exhaust system is equipped two resonators and two Magnaflow XL series mufflers. To stick all of this to the ground this Shelby uses the newest 20” drag radials from Nitto which is a 315/25/20.

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