10s For 10k


10’S FOR 10K

This customer car is being shown off to exemplify how easily you can now go 10’s in the 1/4 for about 10k in bolt-ons on the new 5.0L cars.

With a rather simple list of bolt-ons, which primarily consists of a Roush 11psi TVS blower kit, some exhaust, 3.55 gears, and dash of Race Fuel to protect against detonation, we’ve now got 6-speed automatic 2011+ 5.0L cars running well into the 10’s in the ¼ mile with ease! And with great reliability.

This customer’s GT has gone a best of 10.66 @ 130mph by just leaving it in “Drive” and go.  No lag and no waiting for anything to come on. All kinds of power and TQ, right off idle, and the rest way down the ¼ mile.

And as usual with the automatic cars, the stock torque convertor is retained, and “no suspension” mods are needed. Just a descent rear tire and you’re done!

For all those guys that are worried about the 700+ HP Mopar’s that are starting to surface… this is the answer to keep those guys in order!

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