07 Drop Top



Our next spot light car is a great looking 2007 GT rag top car. This customer asked us to build him a totally street-able, fully dressed late model Mustang with a 5-speed automatic that would run deep into the 11’s or high 10’s in the ¼ mile by leaving it in “Drive”.

The power train on this car consists of a stroked 4.6L which now equals 5.0L. It utilizes the now popular FRP “HotRod” cams with ported 3-Valve heads, and long tube headers. All the air is forced into the motor with a 2.3L Whipple blower making 15psi of boost with a squirt of Methanol too. The torque converter is stock and the rear gears where dropped down to a “believe it or not” only a 3.08 ratio. The reason for the tall 3.08’s is because of the steep first gear in the new 5-speed automatic and the 3.08’s make it have better traction in first gear with out having to think about it whether on the street or the ¼ mile. With the Nitto 20” drag radials it seems to have good traction and launches in 1st gear no matter what on dry roads.

Its also equipped with one of the new 10-rib blower belt drive systems which separates the blower belt from the accessory drive on Whipple equipped ’05 and newer Mustangs. Making for a more reliable blower drive system with more boost also.

Through the automatic trans, with the big 20” wheels and tires, she puts down just under 590rwhp on 93 octane, and so far in 75 degree temps its already run 10.82 et’s at over 125mph.

And also…. It might not look like it, but with all the extra stereo equipment installed, and being a fully dressed car, plus a convertible to begin with too, and the driver — it weights in at an incredibly big 4285lbs!! This is the weight that it was at when the 10.80s were achieved in the ¼ mile during the fall of ’09.

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