New 10 Rib Blower Conversion


One more reason to purchase a whipple!

For those of you who own 2005 and newer 4.6L 3-valve equipped Mustang GT’s who might be considering supercharging in the future or already own a Whipple blower for this application – something new has come out exclusively for the Whipple’s on 3V applications that has for us made the 2.3L Whipple now more then ever the only blower kit to consider for the ’05 and up Mustangs.

For us at Alternative Auto, the Whipple’s have become the standard supercharger kit for the 3-valve applications. With it’s extremely efficient twin screw design, very well laid out water to air intercooling system, and our own in house tuning – the Whipple has simply set the standard for the 3-valve cars and F-150 trucks as well.

Steeda Autosport, and Whipple themselves have both released new 10-rib dedicated blower drive systems that greatly enhance boost, performance, and above all virtually eliminate any belt problems whatsoever.

As most Mustang enthusiast might know, ever since supercharger kits have become available for the ’96 and newer Mustangs equipped with Modular motors, most of the kits utilize a single belt to run not only the accessory’s like the A/C, Power Steering, Water Pump, Alternator, but also the supercharger as well. Most of these single belt systems retained the 6-rib belt to run all the accessories and the blower as well.

On most applications if the boost was left at stock, or at low levels like under 11-12psi, their usually wasn’t much to worry about with the belt. But, as customers and tuner shops like us start to demand more power and boost, this started to really stress the single 6-rib set ups. So, depending on certain driving, or racing conditions on higher boosted 6-rib blower combo’s on some of the newer Mustangs, there was always the fear of hurting and ultimately loosing the belt which would usually render the car un-drivable because you would loose your accessory’s as well, leading to overheating, loss of charging system and power steering too.

With the new double belt drive 10-rib systems for the ’05 and newer Mustang GT’s equipped with Whipple kits, not only are belt problems for the most part completely cured, but you also get the option of potentially much higher boost levels if needed because of the no-slip 10-rib design, and upgraded pulley ratio combinations. Also, in the event of an unlikely belt failure on the blower drive portions of it, you won’t loose your accessory drive because it’s a separate belt, and the car could potentially continue to be driven with no problems other then no boost until the blower belt is replaced. At this time, we simply don’t see having any problems with these new 10-rib conversions.

For now, both the Steeda and Whipple 10-rib conversions are not supplied with the complete Whipple kits when purchased new. These 10-rib systems are an upgrade, and are above and beyond the normal cost that we would get for a full Whipple install at our facility.

They are available in both standard black and polished. They can be pullied/ratio’d to make any where from 11-18+psi of boost depending on over all engine combinations.