Intercooled Whipple HO


Intercooled 11-12 psi whipple h.o. supercharger kit for 2005 and newer 3 – valve mustangs

Alternative Auto is providing another well-done supercharger set up for the ’05 and up 3-valve 4.6L Mustang GT. We’re proud to announce we will be offering full installs and tuning for the new intercooled 11-12 psi Whipple H.O. supercharger kit for the 3-valve Mustangs which provide a very clean, well packaged, OEM look.

These kits come with a 2.3L screw type blower offering immense boost and TQ levels right off idle and hit peak boost near the mid range and carry it all the way to the rev limiter. As can be seen in the dyno graph, over 350 ft lbs of TQ are available by 2000 rpm, and 400 ft lbs of TQ are in at 3000 rpm at the rear wheels. This makes for a very fun and easy to drive manual trans car.

At this time there are other screw type blowers on the market for the 3-valve Mustangs, but we’ve chosen the Whipple unit as the primary one to sell after finding some very impressive features that others aren’t offering.  The 2.3L volume of the blower is plenty for a mostly stock 4.6L and can offer over 25 psi on even a well modded 4.6L and leave potential for future mods. This blower leaves plenty of potential for the enthusiast looking to add some big HP down the road. In fact this same size Whipple blower is known for making in excess of 24 psi and well over 650 RWHP on the popular 2003-2004 Cobra’s.

The key features that make the Whipple the best screw kit for the 3-Valve 4.6L is its intercooler equipment. The actual intercooler heat exchanger that is mounted out in front of the car behind the bumper is almost twice the size of what Whipple’s competitors offer. Not pictured is the actual intercooler core under the blower. Most other screw and roots blower setups use the stock ’03-’04 Cobra unit which is a great piece, but the Whipple unit is even larger and more efficient, allowing for cooler inlet temps at modest boost levels and better controlled, more manageable inlet temps when boost levels are raised substantially for future mods and upgrades.

We will be installing these with our own tunes developed in-house with SCT and all our experience and knowledge to ensure the stock engine is as safe as possible with the supplied 11-12 psi pulley.

Also pictured is a modification that Alternative Auto includes with all Whipple installations that is not normally supplied. We relocate the IAT sensor (inlet air temp) after the intercooler to better take advantage of inlet temperature changes and adjust spark accordingly. Plus the key feature is spark reduction for better engine safety in the event of over heating inlet temp due to an intercooler pump or system failure.

On the dyno the Whipple produced 450 RWHP and 445 TQ. This was done with a very safe A/F and conservative timing on 93 octane. I feel this tune could have easily been a little more aggressive but choose not to at this time. These are very real world numbers that will not harm a stock 4.6L. Plus there is plenty of room to grow both with and without the addition of methanol injection.

Please call the shop for installation pricing.