04 Marauder



For this time around we decided it was time to spotlight another well done Ford/Mercury — rather then a Mustang.

This feature car is a 2004 Marauder. This by far is one of the best full-size performance cars to ever hit the market starting in 2003. Aside form the obvious weight penalty when comparing to a Mustang, or other performance cars… Everything in the power-train on Marauders is similar to a later model Mustang, and can be treated or modified as if it were a late model Mustang for the most part power-train wise. Starting from the popular 305hp, 4.6L 32-valve modular motor, the 4R70W automatic trans, and the 8.8” rear axle.

Although under powered from the factory at the given weight of the Marauders, This can easily be addressed with the mounds of performance parts that can be added to these cars. And that’s exactly what the owner of this Marauder did….and he more then fixed the poor horsepower to weight ratio it was born with.

This Marauder now sports a 5.3L BigBore-Stroker where the 4.6L stuff used to be. The BigBore combo on this car is based on Ford Racing’s new iron 4.6L BigBore block known as the “BOSS-5.0”, which would normally make about a 5.0L with only big boring and stock stroke. We took this one another step, and stroked it along with the bigger bore cylinders. Making this rotating assembly add up to 323 cubic inches (5.3L), stock would be 281.

This Marauder also as larger Crower cam’s, and mild head work to compliment the larger displacement motor. And to really top things off it is also equipped with the latest Twin-Screw type blower from Trilogy motorsports designed specifically for the 32V Marauders. This TwinScrew makes about 13psi, and on only 93 octane fuels it makes a comfortable 580rwhp and 570tq!! This is a pretty impressive number when putting it through an automatic trans.

We suspect with 4.10’s, drag radials, etc. This 4500lbs car should easily knock off mid to low 11’s in the ¼ mile, and be a “ton” of fun on the street.

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